Track Startup


Michael Noll, Contributer

This track season is going to be a very good one, with a couple of new school records set, and a lot of wins. Tracy High’s team was a junior and sophomore dominated team last year, so this year’s team should have a very strong varsity roster.

Ryan Knight, a varsity pole vaulter said, “I am very excited to see where this season leads, the three varsity pole vaulters should all make it past league finals and even to masters.”

Pole vault has a really good group of vaulters, but does not have very many on JV and are looking for a few underclassmen to sign up.

Omari Debre, a varsity hurdler said, “It is going to be interesting, we have a lot of skilled athletes, but we are going to need people to fill up events that less people are signed up for.  We have the ability to be a good team, we just have to do it.”

There is so much individual talent on the team, the only thing that we are going to have to worry about is filling in the events that less people want to do.  The new sprints coach, Brandon Russel, should be able to help grow people’s passion for the sport and get these spots filled in.

There were a lot of athletes that showed up to the opening track meeting.  Most of them were younger and looking for a sport that they would be able to compete in.

Kevin Sette, a JV hurdler said, “I want to get better.  I want to win this year, and I’m going to work hard for it.”

Debre also said, “Running a sub 40 for 300 meter hurdles, and jumping a 20(feet) in long jump are my two main goals this season.”

He has set high expectations for himself this season, but he has been training hard the whole off season and is set on achieving his goals.

Come out and join the track team, you might enjoy it.  The first day of conditioning starts on February 3rd, and after that it is all up to the individual coaches.  Hope to see you out there.