Star Wars

Star Wars

Elijah Quintana, Staff Reporter

Star Wars – to some it is the greatest movie franchise of all time.  Others say it’s how they got through life.  To others it is more than just a movie.

Gorge Lucas, an American filmmaker, is best known for being the creator of Star Wars.  Lucas is currently 75 years old and is from Modesto, California.  His first major film before the idea of Star Wars, was the film American Graffiti.  Along with that he is the creator of Lucasfilm.

In 1977 the first Star Wars movie was released.  It was called A New Hope.  Lucas was not expecting it to as big of a hit as it was.  But three years later The Empire Trikes Back released.  According to many fans who originally saw the film in theaters, their minds were blown when Darth Vader (the main antagonist) tells the young Jedi, Luke, that he is his father.  Many also had a huge interest in another villain by the name of Boba Fett, which is everyone’s favorite bounty hunter.  Finally in 1983 Return of the Jedi was released and ended the trilogy, or so we thought.

Over fifteen years later, another Star Wars movie was released.  People thought it would be the fourth, but it was really the first.  This is because it took place way before A New Hope.  This new movie was called The Phantom Menace.  Unfortunately, to most, is the least favorable out of all of the Star Wars movies.  Three years after that Attack of the Clones released.  Many were excited to see a character named Jango Fett, the father of Boba.  Boba is actually in the movie but as a child.  Finally three years after that the final movie of the saga was released.  It was called Revenge of the Sith.  This movie is many of the younger generations favorite.  After watching all six of the movies it seems that the entire story has come together.

In 2012 George Lucas sold his franchise to Disney.  Fans had mixed feeling about this.

Disney obviously had many plans for the franchise.  In 2015 they released the seventh movie The Force Awaken.  In 2017 they released The Last Jedi.  Finally in 2019, they released the final movie of the saga The Rise of Skywalker. Disney says that this will be the end of this saga and it will be many years before another movie is to be expected.  Though in this four year time span two other side story movies were released that are not part of the saga.  The first was Rogue One and the other was called Solo.

Disney has many plans for the Star Wars franchise and, in fact, has a few different TV series streaming on their new platform Disney+.  If you are a fan of Star Wars, I would highly recommend checking the movie out.