Wildfire Charities

Wildfire Charities

Michelle Raquel Morales Reyna, Story writer

The Australia Wildfire was a catastrophic incident that left an estimate of around half a billion wild animals perished, millions of acres have burned and made family’s left out of there home, The fires were caused by devastating amounts of bushfires spreading. There are many ways you and your community can help and support the families and wildlife affected by the incident.

Ways you are able to help the evacuees are to donate the Australian Red-Cross and they are  supporting thousands of evacuees and helping them get to recovery centers across the country. If you are a local there are also ways for you to volunteer for the residents with your services and the things that can provide comfort. From down to someone to talk to and even just bringing water and blankets. Another way to help is by donating to the Salvation Army Australia providing meals and first responders to evacuees. You can also if you are comfortable enough and find it in your heart, you can open up an extra room to people in need.

Ways you can help firefighters are by donations to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. The service has set up funds for families and people in need for loved ones killed in the fires. The Country Fire Service in South Australia will be also accepting direct donations for services and needs. You should let the firefighters use ur hoses and things they will need if possible to help prevent fires from spreading.

There is also ways you can donate and help support the wild life that have been affected by the fires. You can donate to WIRES and they are a nonprofit wildfire rescue team that is rescuing and caring for thousands of sick and injured native wildlife. Also if you love koalas there is also another team u can donate to called World Wildlife Fund Australia and they are putting direct effort into the koala conservation. And if you love your pets you can also donate to RSPCA New South Wales, which is helping evacuate, rescue and treat pets and wildlife in threatened areas.

All of these ways of donations are effective because they are all support system not only for the community but the wildlife. Doing donations and providing your service anyway you can are big and small ways to show you care and you are there to help. The wildlife will hopefully soon be able to enter their habitats and families will soon be able to go back to homes if we all come together to help.