New Year’s Resolutions


Abbygayle Frea

It’s already 2020, and you know what everyone says when it a new year: “ new year new me.” Since 2020 has started and New Years has passed, students have been creating their New Year’s resolution and goals for either school or their life. So students were asked if they’ve created any New Year’s resolutions.

“Yes I have. Some of my resolutions are to go to more school games and meet more new people, also to open up to take more risks in life,” said Nayeli Fabian, a senior at Tracy High.

“I made a goal to lose weight and be more confident in myself,” said Lizzette Aguirre, a senior at Tracy High.

“I haven’t made any strict resolutions this year. Mostly just to focus on my future and how to make it enjoyable,” said Anika Weitzel, a senior at Tracy High.

“My resolution is to focus more and to just be me,” said Vanessa Sorro, a senior at Tracy High.

Some students don’t do resolutions and instead do goals specifically for school.

“Some of my goals for school are to stay on track for graduation and apply to as many scholarships and colleges to earn my degree as an RN,” said Fabian.

“My goals in school is to do better in Government,” said Aguirre.

“My goals for school have always been the same: pass my classes,” said  Weitzel.

“My goal it to just pass my classes and not procrastinate,” said Sorro.

It’s really difficult to accomplish resolutions/ goals even if they seem like there really easy.

“Yes, I do believe I will accomplish my goals. The  hardest New Year’s resolution for me will be earning scholarships because they aren’t  as easy to get because there is always several applicants applying,” said Fabian.

“I hope I follow through I have my dad always supporting me throughout the diet,” said Aguirre.

“I’m optimistic about being able to accomplish them,” said  Weitzel.

“Yeah, II think I can as long as I just keep pushing through it,” said Sorro.

Most students make resolutions but usually they have one that’s the hardest one to accomplish.

“I don’t have hard resolutions. They’re mostly things I can accomplish,” said Fabian.

“My hardest will be keeping up with this diet man… it be hard,” said Aguirre.

“I think the hardest part of all of it will be trying to make every situation a positive one,”said Weitzel.

“The hardest for me will be not to procrastinate especially when it comes to school, but I think I can push through it,” said Sorro.

A lot of high school students have created their own resolutions/ goals for 2020! Hope everyone had a good New Years and that your 2020 is a good year!