Boys Basketball


Luc Miceli, Contributor

The Tracy High Boys Basketball team hasn’t had the exact start to the season they were hoping to have.  They have started of league with a record of 2-2. Two big games against St Mary’s and Lincoln were blowout losses for the boys.

They did answer those losses, as they got a win against Tokay.  Tokay isn’t exactly one of the top teams but it can help for the team’s confidence moving forward.

The boys in general need to have better games.  The biggest problem for the team is definitely the turnovers.  

 In the Lincoln game itself they had 27 turnovers.  So Tracy really needs to start taking care of the ball.  The game against St Mary’s they lost by 20 but only had 10 turnovers.

 Also it’s just lacking as playing as a team.  Against Lincoln the team had a total of 7 assists and against St Mary’s they had 9 total assists.  

 The team as a whole needs to get better at the small things ,which will then make them much better.  

 In addition the team is already undersized compared to the other teams in the league.  So their level of play and physicality need to be at a high level.

 How does the team plan to keep improving? 

“Keep doing what I’m doing, my role is to knock down selected shots and to bring the same tempo as the starters,” said Christian Avila, senior small forward.  

  How does the team plan to bounce back after a rough week?  

  “We go back to practice and learn what we need to do better as a unit, after a loss you have to prepare for the next game and let go of the last,” Said Harush Karimi.

  J’den Smith starting guard, spoke on the improvements that needed to be made.

  “Being tougher on defense and just trusting our offense and one another to make plays,”.

  The team will definitely need to make improvements if they want to go to the playoffs.  It’s just a matter of working as a team and overcoming big obstacles.