Seniors Lasts

Seniors Lasts

Kaylee McMillan, Reporter

As the school year is slowly creeping to an end, seniors prepare for their future and reminisce about the past  four amazing years spent at Tracy High. Students are trying to make the last four months the best four months of their high school experience.

So many senior activities are planned and prepared for students to make endless memories before their time is up in high school. Senior activities like senior beach day, senior ditch day, and even prom are on many people’s minds.

“The senior activity I’m most excited for I’d say is our senior Disney trip. At first I didn’t think I was going to be able to go and finding out I could I was beyond excited . I can’t wait to celebrate graduating with my class,” said Senior Jocelyn Estrada

“I am most excited for senior beach day because it will be one of the last times to be with our class” said Meredith Hagler

It is always going to be fun for seniors to look back on their four years spent at Tracy High. Some may say they are super ready to get out of high school and move into the big world, but some will also miss the amazing things Tracy High has offered to them.

“What I will miss most after graduation is maybe the activities, but I’m more than ready to start the next chapter of my life,” said Estrada 

“I will miss my friends the most since we will not see each other as much due to college and work,” said Hagler

Most students are involved in extracurricular activities outside of their regular school day and most have been invested in the program since the very start of their freshman year. Those activities most students will miss most.

“I have been in choir all four years of high school and if I’m gonna miss anything it’s going to be performing with my friends. Mrs. Grover is such an inspiration to the class and keeps us on our toes. Mrs. Grover made choir a great experience for me and I encourage everyone to go and see her to be in next years choir. It’s definitely worth it,” said Estrada

“I will miss playing soccer at Tracy high because I have made the best memories with my teammates,” said Hagler

Coming back to your old stomping grounds can bring back memories and feelings you completely forgot you had. Alumni are always welcome back at Tracy High. What do students think about coming back after they graduate?

“I’ll come to a few games just to support the school and see old friends,” said Estrada

“No, I do not plan on coming back to visit,” said Hagler

Seniors, take in all the bliss high school has brought to you. Everything you’ve done here is a once and a lifetime experience. The next four months is yours, make it your best.