Hoopla Week


Abbygayle Frea, Staff Reporter

It’s Hoopla Week from Jan. 27 to 31, which means rallies, games, and a fun dance on Friday night! A lot people are ecstatic for Hoopla Week, especially with the different dress up days that the students get to be part of and join in on the school spirit.

“My favorites dress up day at school was the neon day because everyone was so colorful,” said Ilana Burg, a sophomore at Tracy High.

“My favorite dress up day at school was pajama day because it gives me an excuse to dress extra comfy,’ said Cami Gotterburg, a junior at Tracy High.

“My favorite dress up day was probably pajama day because I like being comfortable and relaxed,” said Alexia Alameda, a sophomore at Tracy High.

“ I really didn’t have a favorite dress up day but I still like the concept of having different dress up days for Hoopla Week,” said Foluke Salami, a senior at Tracy High.

For the first day of Hoopla Week, a rally always takes place after schoo t to start off the week positive and exciting.

“I had a great time at the Hoopla rally! It’s my favorite rally of the year! Especially being able to perform in the rally,” said Burg.

“I thought the Hoopla rally was fun! The performances were great, the only thing I thought that could have been better was more games or activities when the audience could be involved,” said Gotterburg.

“I thought the Hoopla rally was really fun, it’s my second favorite rally of the year. The Homecoming Night Rally is my all time favorite,” said Alameda.

“I didn’t really like the rally. There wasn’t a lot of games to play. Iwas a really short rally, and it was really hot in the gym,” said Salami.

For the rally most of the clubs go onto the floor and perform their dances that they’ve created throughout the year to showcase everyone.

“I did perform in the Hoopla Rally for the THS Dance Team and for Kpop Club, which was a lot of fun,” said Burg.

“Yes, I did perform in the rally, I sang the national anthem with the Madrigals, danced with the Dance Team, and danced with Kpop club,” said Gotterburg.

“Yes, I did perform in the rally. I was in the Kpop  Club and the THS Dance Team, it was a ton of fun,” said Alameda.

“No I didn’t get to perform, but I definitely enjoyed watching everyone perform their dances,” said Salami.

On Friday, there’s always a game and a dance to go to right after, which is the most fun for Hoopla Week.

“I am very excited for the game this Friday, but I’m not sure if I’ll go to the dance or not,” said Burg.

“I am excited to see everyone from school be excited and have fun together at the game and dance on Friday,” said Gotterburg.

“I am excited for the game this Friday since a lot more people will go than normal, which makes performing for dance team more fun! Unfortunately I probably won’t go to the dance because I’ll be too tired, but I’m sure it’ll be fun,” said Alameda.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the game, but I’ll definitely be able to go to the dance after, which I’m excited because I’ll be able to go with my friends,” said Salami.

Hoopla Week is almost over! Hope everyone enjoys their week and that you go to the game on Friday and go to the dance after the game! GO BULLDOGS!