Superbowl LIV


Marcus Corso, Staff REporter

Football has been crazy over the past couple of weeks with college football playoffs, the start of NFL playoffs and now finally upcoming is the Super Bowl. Tough playoff games have now brought the final product of the contending Super Bowl champions

Now that the NFC and AFC games have been played we finally know who will be facing each other in the Super Bowl. San Francisco Forty-Niners vs Kansas City Chiefs will be one of the best Super Bowl matches in awhile. 

Both teams have been playing extremely well all season. The Niners’ season record was 13-3, and they destroyed the two teams they played in the playoffs. The score of the first game was 27-10 over the Minnesota Vikings, then they beat the Green Bay Packers 37-20.

The Kansas City Chiefs ran straight through teams as well, beating the Houston Texans 51-31 and then also beating the Tennessee Titans 35-24.

The 54th Super Bowl will be on Feb 2 at 3:30 pm. Lots of crazy moments will surround this game for Bay area fans hope to see the 49ers come on top against the Chiefs.

Senior, Luc Miceli said “I want KC to win, because I don’t like the 49ers, also KC is more deserving than the 49ers. Patrick Mahomes is better than Jimmy G look at the stats and Jimmy is nothing without the great running game he has , Patrick Mahomes carries the Chiefs with his passing.”

“Chiefs have the better team in the Superbowl. The Niners really haven’t faced anyone this year, and the teams that they have played have had a lot of injuries. This Super Bowl should be a real eye opener for the Niner fans. Patrick Mahomes is the better quarterback, look at the stats, Jimmy Garoppolo  line is better, but all around Mahomes is night and day to Garoppolo.” said Tracy’s senior quarterback, Logan Fife

I hope to hear who you want to win, and I hope you side with the 49ers during Super Bowl 54.