Black Light Rally


Kaylee McMillan, Staff Reporter

It’s a happy Hoopla week for the Tracy High Bulldogs. The week where we all gather together and celebrate the homecoming of basketball season and cheer on our Tracy High basketball team. 

One of the most exciting things during the week of Hoopla is the annual black light rally held in the Tracy High main gym on Monday the 27th. Everyone gathered wearing neon colors and white to watch some amazing performances by our fellow classmates and peers. 

There were so many performances for many clubs and the dance and cheer team. All eyes on them when all the lights are out, which means we all must have had a favorite performance!

“The performance I enjoyed most besides polynesian, would’ve been api. I loved how they put everything together and made it so fun for everyone around them,” said senior Cierra Jenkerson.

“My favorite performance was the Mr and Ms bulldog dances,” said senior Andre Orellana.

Each year some say the black light rally is the same, lights off, same clubs performing, etc. Students wish to change the black light rally activities to bring more people to the hoopla rally 

“If I could change anything about the rally, I would probably add more games for the different classes, make it more involved and fun,” said Jenkerson.

“If I could change one thing about the black light rally it would be the songs for the spirit checks and class karaoke,” said Orellana.

The music at the black light rally is always insane! Tracy High is very blessed to have a DJ come and play music for all. Pre rally they listen to some amazing beats and during the rally everyone goes insane. Class karaoke is the most exciting activity for some in the rally. What was the best song played in the Hoopla Rally of 2020?

“I think all the music was great at the rally, it added lots of hype and fun experiences. The rally was super fun and a great way to make memories,” said Jenkerson.

“The best song played was Go Loko by YG,” said Orellana.

For the seniors, we hope your last black light rally was one to remember. The Hoopla Circus will continue throughout the week of the 27th, make it your best!