New drivers cause new parking problems

As the school year goes on many students are getting driving permits or licenses which is nice for them; however, it can cause a problem for me. The problem new drivers cause is parking due to Tracy High having limited parking spots.

As students get a license, they also get a car and take up a parking space at school. For students, like me, who have been driving since the beginning of junior year, it is extremely frustrating to have to race for a parking spot. I think students getting a license is great, don’t get me wrong it is extremely exciting, but school is important so if I’m going to be there, I don’t want to be late in the morning or after lunch because of not having a spot.

Not only do I have to compete for a parking space when arriving at school, but also when coming back from lunch or I find myself parking in a non-a restricted neighborhood area.

If I had parking my way, each student could pay for a parking spot for the whole year or a bigger and improved parking lot could be built. If there was a bigger parking lot or I was guaranteed a parking space, then I would not have to stress about leaving at 7:20 every morning and could enjoy lunch time without rushing back to school. However, the way things are now, I am unable to enjoy my parking privileges.