What Club is Right for You?

Bulldog Project

Stella Myers and Abby Frea

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Tracy High had a club rush week Aug. 28-30, and it was a great opportunity to figure out which diverse club was right for different students.

Drama Club President Alexandra Manzo is her in first year being president but has been involved in drama since freshman year, and she’s already enjoying being the president of the drama club.

“In drama club,” said Manzo, “I personally enjoy how open and accepting the environment is, which allows us to act together, discuss functions surrounding the theater, and watch plays and movies as a group.” Her plans for drama club is to create fun activities in theater like improv and holiday-themed functions. Manzo said anyone can come see her if they are interested in joining.

Earth club President Nadine Koochou is also in her first year being president but last year she was really involved in the club. Earth club is known for recycling after all the home football and basketball games  Also, the money for recycling benefits the Earth Club and the science department too.

Koochou said,” I want to raise awareness around the school and I want to encourage the students to be more environmentally conscious.” Earth club meets before and after every home game and she’s planning on having other meetings on every other Thursday as well. This year she is hoping to implement school beautification by helping plant new plants around the school. “I really want the word to get around about earth club if you interested you can join the remind @thsec18 to 81010,” Koochou said.

Bulldog Project has been a club at Tracy High since 2013. Tejas Gil is current president, and this is his first year being president. Bulldog Project is a club that highlights the importance of anti-bullying. They plan to have a meeting every month. Bulldog project is known for their presentations. They go to middle schools and talk about the prevention of bullying.

“We really want to spread the word about anti-bullying and anti-human trafficking. We also want to keep our community and school safe. Bulldog project is not just a club it’s more of a family, it teaches a lot about public speaking, leadership, and how to benefit the community,” Gil said.

The Photography Club Co-Vice President is Darren Saadat. This is his first year being Co-Vice President, but he has been involved in photography for two years.

“I hope that I have given general direction to other aspiring photographers by teaching them the basics of photography and videography. Not only to learn about the art in a technical way, but explore with it and use it as a means of expression.”

Photography meetings are biweekly on Wednesday’s in Mr. Alexandre’s room. They are welcoming new photographers and advanced photographers.

These are just a few of many clubs offered at Tracy High. Even though club rush week has passed, clubs are still welcoming new members

Nadine Koochou president of the Earth Club

Alexandra Manzo president of the Drama Club

Darren Saadat co vice president of the photography club

Tejas Gil president of the Bulldog Project
















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