Girls Tennis 500 in Leauge Play

Stella Myers, Editor

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The Tracy High Girls Tennis Team heads into the TCAL League Tournament hoping to battle it out and make playoffs.

Coach Paul Demsher has been coaching tennis for 19 years at Tracy High.

“I like spending the afternoon with kids that wanna be here. I think the competition is fun for the kids and the coaches,” said Demsher.

On Thursday Oct. 4, 2018 the tennis team played. “This is a game where the players have a lot of responsibility,” Demsher said.

The tennis players have to be their own scorekeeper, umpire, etc. It makes for a really good game.

“Our season is going ok, right now we’re  500 in league play.” Demsher said.

Demsher and the whole team are  hoping they can battle and make it to playoffs at the end of the season.

“We’re doing alright,” Demsher said.

The TCAL Tournament took place on Oct. 18 and 19 in Stockton, at the In-Shape Marina. Tracy’s Tyler Ness lost in finals to Astrid Craig from Lincoln 7-6/6-3, in the singles tournament. She was the runner-up both this year and last year, and will advance to the CIFSJS section individual tournament next week, Nov. 1 in Roseville.

Carly Johnson and Maryum Syed won the consolation finals, 8-2, in the doubles tournament.

If you’re interested in joining the tennis team, “come on out. Do some clinics and lessons in the off season, next year you’ll be that much more ready.” Demsher said.

Carly Johnson has been playing tennis for four years, and this is her first year as team captain.

“I joined tennis because I needed a fall sport and didn’t want to run.” Johnson said.

“It’s alright, it could be better,” Johnson said referring to this season. “We’re trying our best.”

Isabella Ellis has been playing tennis since she was six years old, and this is her first year as team captain.

“I’ve played since I was little,” Ellis said referring to why she joined the team.

“Our season is not the best as previous seasons, but we’re still working hard and trying our best to win,” Ellis said.

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