Juniors Defeat Seniors Powderpuff 2018

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Juniors Defeat Seniors Powderpuff 2018

Stu Jossey

Stu Jossey

Stu Jossey

Stella Myers, Editor

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On Oct. 18, Tracy High had its annual powderpuff game. The juniors beat the seniors 14-7.

Junior and senior girls battled it out on the field while male cheerleaders cheered their classes on.

Junior Arianna Graziano was excited to participate in her first year playing.

“I’m most excited for whipping the seniors,” Graziano said.

At the practices the girls learn a lot about football,

“We learn game play and run lots of drills,” Graziano said.

Graziano played tight end.

After four practices, junior Jessica Fierros is also excited to participate in powderpuff.

“I don’t think the juniors will win, the seniors have more experience and they always win,” said Fierros.

Fierros, who  played receiver, was wrong. After a close game, the juniors pulled through in the end.

Senior Savannah Seals scored the first touchdown of the game.

“It felt amazing,” Seals said referring to scoring the first touchdown. ”The coaches wanted me to score on the first play. I didn’t know if I could do that. But I got the ball and kept running and didn’t stop.”

“I almost fumbled at the end but no one noticed but me, but it felt so good to score,” Seals said.

Going into powderpuff Seals was most excited for playing with her senior friends for their last game. “We all don’t play the same sport so getting to play one sport together made senior year really fun,” Seals said.

Going into the game, Seals thought the senior would beat the juniors.

“I knew Logan and the other coaches were smart, as well as our coaches,” Seals said.

“In a way they out coached us, everyone was shocked. It was a humbling loss, it was kinda cool to experience taking an L,” Seals said.

The senior girls had six practices, most of the practices were about learning how to play football. They also learned plays and not mess them up.

“That was the hardest part, learning the plays and knowing where to go and who I was suppose to block,” Seals said.

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