Boo-tiful Halloween


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Abbygayle Frea

Halloween is Oct. 31, and people celebrate this day in numerous ways. So, many people were asked questions at Tracy High on why they like it and what their plans are for this year. There were many responses to these questions.

For example, Francesca Martinez, a senior at Tracy High, commented on her favorite moment during Halloween.

“My sister broke her ankle so we had to wheel her around a guy was wearing a Michael Myer’s mask and we left her and ran!” said Francesca Martinez.

Faith Remollino, a junior at Tracy High also relayed a favorite moment.

”My favorite Halloween moment was when I went out with my whole family to this massive neighborhood full of the creepiest and most extravagant decorations and going to a haunted pumpkin patch and getting so scared I almost didn’t think I would survive the night, but it was such a fun experience,” said Remollino.

Bella Martinez, a freshman at Tracy High had an unusual experience.

“I got to go on a world trip for Halloween,” said Bella Martinez.

Alex Armaral, a junior at Tracy High said, “my favorite moment was witnessing people scaring others.”

They also told what they were doing for Halloween this year.

Maybe eat candy with my family or go trick or treating with my cousins,” Francesca Martinez said.

I’m going to go trick or treating and give out candy,” Remollino said.

It also seems like this year there are a lot of people that are going to be dressing up! Many of them are planning to dress up as skeletons.

“I’m going to dress up as a skeleton,” said Remollino.

“I’m going to dress up as a sugar skull,” said Bella Martinez.

Another thing people are dressing up as are characters from certain movies.

“I’m gonna dress up as Jessica Rabbit from Rodger Rabbit,” Francesca Martinez said.

 “I’m going to dress up as Raven from Teen Titans Go,” said Armaral. 

It seems like there are a lot of people celebrating Halloween: some are dressing up, some are going trick or treating with a family member, or they are hanging out with friends. What will you be doing for Halloween this year? It should be a boo-tiful night.