Francesca Martinez, Staff Reporter

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Tracy High’s Varsity Wrestling Team has done a lot of conditioning and practice to get prepared for this season starting Dec 6 with their first dual at Tokay.

Tracy coach Jonathan Blackwell’s goal this season is to get these girls and boys ready for  state . Last year only one actually went and he wants to get them prepared and ready for the challenges they will have to face once they get there. Coach Blackwell said that he wants them to get to the state tournaments, so that they may get recruited by colleges.

“I’ve been coaching Football for 20 years starting in the Bay Area. I’ve been coaching coaching Tracy High’s wrestling team for 8-9 years,” said Blackwell.

“In high school I was a two sport athlete. Wrestling by far is one of the toughest sports, and wrestling was a key to success in high school,” said Blackwell.

The goals that the boys have on the wrestling team are set high. For Example, Orlando, a junior, has goals to achieve to make the state competition so that he can be highly ranked and to achieve a six pack by the end of the season.

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