Fall Foliage

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Fall Foliage

Maia Sanchez, Annika Nyberg, Staff Reporter

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The lack of sunlight is to blame.

As the season changes, the clothing here at Tracy High changes as well. Students are beginning to wear much warmer clothes like sweaters, sweatpants, and boots. Because of the cold weather approaching, amber leaves have fallen and more layers are to be seen on students.

There are three basic explanations in the changing of colors in leaves. Chlorophyll serves as the pigment in leaves as the color of green, by absorbing sunlight. As the color green indicates energy and freshness, we can compare it to the warm days during summer, in which shorts and sandals were very much used.

When there is a lack of chlorophyll that is produced, leaves turn yellow and soon orange. Students that love cool weather at Tracy High, begin to notice the color change in these leaves, and are filled with extreme joy, according to Jaylenne Palafox. The color orange and yellow give out a feeling of warmth and happiness, which is what Tracy High represents.

The final stage in Fall Foliage is when veins that are connected to trees starts to close, resulting in trapped sugar. That glucose turns the leaves into a bright red. Red is the color of power, strength, and determination, which is what students at Tracy High are in control of; their own determined goals.

Students are seen with sweaters and scarves of beautiful, warm colors. A new season could mean a new attempt at achieving their goals, therefore a change of colors demonstrates a fresh, determined mind.

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