Black Friday Gone Wild


Abbygayle Frea and Francesca Martinez

During Thanksgiving there is always a time of year were everything is all on sale and the stuff that could be one thousand dollars is on sale for fifty dollars. That time of the year is Black Friday and that day gets insane. 

Students were asked if they went Black Friday shopping and where did they go?

“Yes, I did go Black Friday shopping, all I went to was Target and Best Buy,” said Lizzette Aguirre. She is a junior at Tracy High.

 “Yes, I did go, I went to Best Buy , Target and JCPenney,” said Nautica Davis.She  is a senior at Tracy High.

“Yes, I did go, I only went to Best Buy and  the Livermore Outlets, ” said Micheal Cordona.He is a junior at Tracy High.

Students also student why did they went to Black Friday and what they bought there?

“I only bought wireless headphones and a couple of movies for movie night, and I wanted to go to black friday because I wanted to see people fighting for TVs or even have a riot!” said Aguirre

“I bought airpods ,a jacket and clothes. The reason I went was because they had good deals,” said Davis.

“I  didn’t buy anything and I knew they would have good deals.” said Cordona.

Lastly theses shoppers talked about whether they experienced anything hectic and would they recommend people to go?

“ It was a lot calmer than I expected, and I would recommend people to go since it was a cool experience,” said Aguirre.

“ Yes, it was hectic , and I wouldn’t recommend  going because I wanna be the only one there,” said Davis.

“It was very hectic, and I wouldn’t recommend going but I would recommend them to go to Cyber Monday,” said Cordona 

You can decide for yourself on whether or not Black Friday is a day that everyone should go to next year! But just be safe if you go to Black Friday and good luck next year!