Tracy High Cheer Team Prepares for Hoopla Rally

Stella Myers, Staff Reporter

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Every basketball season Tracy High prepares for Hoopla. During Hoopla week there is a rally that many teams and clubs preform in. Tracy High’s cheer team performance excites the crowd every year.

Junior Keelin O’Leary has been a member of the cheer team for two years.

“We’re working really hard at practice, we are having extra and longer practices to prepare,” O’Leary said.

“Both varisty and junior varsity are working together, and both teams are working hard to prepare for hoopla and the Tracy vs West basketball game,” O’Leary said.

Between the Tracy vs West basketball game and Hoopla, the cheer team has a lot to prepare for to make sure they have a perfect routine.

Senior Lexie Van Os has been cheering for many years. She loves preforming especially for Homecoming and Hoopla.

“We are working really hard on our new routine. We want to make sure it’s prefect and really wows the crowd,” Van Os said.

It is a black light rally meaning it’s very dark when they preform.

“It takes a lot of practice to preform in the dark!” Said Van Os.

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