National Random Acts of Kindness Month

Camilla Wiench, Staff Reporter

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February is National Random Acts of Kindness Month. This gives a reminder to be kind to one another, even if there isn’t a reason.

Acts Of Random Kindness Club, ARK,  at Tracy high school hosts a week of kindness with fun activities. This year it is set to be around late March but will be advertised around campus.

The club hosts events around America for high school students who want to be involved. They also do campaigns and projects around the school to spread the word.

Each day will have a different event such as clothespins with positive words to clip on people. A social media event is set to occur and a photo booth at lunch. More is to come but it is still being worked on.

These events all lead up to the special movie night for the end of the week. This will most likely be an action or animated movie hosted by ARK and open for all.

Rameesha Muhammad who is currently a senior at Tracy high school and the President of ARK said, “This week is dedicated to making Tracy High more accepting of each other and spreading kindness overall and to extend that kindness to every student.”

This club is dedicated to making the school a more welcoming environment and to spread positivity.

ARK has meetings every other Tuesday after school and is a great opportunity to participate in the school.

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