The Thoughts of the Academic Rally


Abbygayle Frea and Francesca Martinez

On Feb. 20 a rally was held for whoever had a 3.0 or higher GPA to congratulate their hard work. Many students said that it was “fun” with the different activities and, of course, being able to miss the second period.

Prior to the rally, Alayna Carter, the leadership teacher was asked her perspective on the rally itself.

“I want them to feel recognized for their achievements and that we care enough about them for them to have them be celebrated,” said Carter.

“I’m not sure we’re still working on the script but all the games we are doing will be all the three GPA groups going against each other,” said Carter

Carter also talked about what she thinks her favorite part will be during the rally?

“Since the theme is SpongeBob I think the entire thing will be fun or I also like the top ten that are normally in the classroom get to come out and let loose and have fun,” said Carter.

After the rally, Tracy High students spoke about their feeling regarding the event.

“I liked that it had a childhood universe theme SpongeBob,” said Kelly Lineweber, a sophomore at Tracy High.

“I liked that it got me out of the class and it rewarded me for doing well in the first semester,” said Edgar Farias, a junior at Tracy High School.

“I liked that it was SpongeBob themed,” said Nayeli Fabian, a junior at Tracy High.

It seems that everyone enjoyed the SpongeBob theme. What else did students think?

“I had a lot of laughs but I would have like to see a bit more activities,” said Fabian.

“I thought about trying a lot harder in school,” said Farias.

“I felt that it was fun but I don’t really like how the classes are determined by GPA and how they a student is segregated by that,” said Lineweber.

What was their favorite part?

“The last musical chairs because the girl grabbed the chair and kept moving it to get it away from the other kid,” said Lineweber.

“The funniest was the musical chairs because some people fell and some took the chairs away to win the game,” said Nayeli Fabian.

“The funniest activity was when they had to do karaoke and half of the students in the 3.0 section had no clue what the song was and it sounded like we were just saying random words,” said Farias.

Was it fun?

“Yes, I had a good time,” said Fabian.

“I had a really good time,” said Lineweber.

“Yes I had a good time,” said Farias.

Carter’s goal was achieved and she was able to have the students feeling good after the rally. This rally leaves anticipation for the future ones.