Tracy High Boys Tennis Ready to Take to the Court

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Tracy High Boys Tennis Ready to Take to the Court

Silver Archer, Sports Editor

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The season for tennis is starting Mar. 26 against Saint Mary’s.

One of the Tracy High captains is Tyler Shih.

“So far the team looks strong and has a good chance at taking the title,” said Shih.

He does know it’s early but he truly thinks the team has a good chance at winning their share of matches this year.

“The team prepares for each meet with hours of practice and that the team makes sure to get rest before as well,” said Shih.

Ethan Brown is a four year senior on the tennis team. He may not be a captain but the people on the team looks up to him.

“I committed since freshman I will do four years of tennis, and that in general, the sport will be fun to play,” Brown said.

Each day the team gets an hour and a half of practice which Brown says, “…is  enough practice and preparation for the matches.” 

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