Tracy High Dance Team Tryouts


Abbygayle Frea

At Tracy High, there are a variety of different teams but on April 11 and 12 are tryouts for Dance Team.

Since most of the students joining the Dance Team will get excited if they make the team, the question is what are they hoping if they make the dance team?

“What I am hoping for if I make dance team is that we do better than the year before and really amaze the crowd/ students of Tracy high,” said Daniela Ruiz, a sophomore at Tracy High.

“I’m hoping for the team to grow in terms of skill and difficulty, even more than last season,” said Jewels Ellswerth, a junior at Tracy High.

“ I am hoping to continue growing as a dancer and make more friendships with other people who enjoy dancing as much as I do,” said Camilla Gottberg, a sophomore at Tracy High.

“I hope to make lots of new friends and make my high school experience great,” said Emerson Leiske.

“Hoping that I can make more memories and have more fun,” said Sophia Alejandre, a sophomore at Tracy High.

“I hope to put myself out there and overcome my shyness,” said Faith Remelino, a junior at Tracy High.

It’s always good to know what someone hopes for before they get on the team but what about what they’re excited for?

“ I’m super excited but also extremely nervous about tryouts since I don’t have much experience with dancing and I don’t know if I will have what it takes,” said Remelino.

“I’m excited for dance team I love meeting new people and performing on Friday nights on the football field,” said Alejandre.

“I’m really excited about meeting all the girls trying out and especially the ones who make the team,” said Ellesworth.

“I am excited to be with my teammates again and meet new people at tryouts,” said Gottberg.

“I’m excited to finally get to dance on the field during halftime,” said Leiske.

“What I am excited for is the dances we will be doing because with whatever dance I will always try to give it my all and do my best and my parents go to the games and they love to see me dance so I wanna do my best for them,” said Ruiz.

People have always asked how students or people feel before they have to go do something big and that was a question that was answered by different students that are trying out.

“I can say I am a little nervous for tryouts because even thought it will be my 3rd time trying out the nerves can kick in at any point for me,” said Ruiz.

“I’m kind of nervous but I’m more excited than anything,” said Alejandre.

“ I definitely have mixed feelings about try outs. I’m super excited but also extremely nervous about tryouts since I don’t have much experience with dancing and I don’t know if I will have what it takes,” said Remillino.

“I’m more excited about try outs,” said Ellsworth.

“I am more excited for tryouts because I have done it twice so I know what to expect,” said Gottberg.

“I’m more excited for tryouts since I love to dance and it would be my first high school experience,” said Lieske.

It seems that the girls are more excited about the upcoming tryouts but the real question would be how long they’ve been on the team?

“It’s my first being on the team,” said Remillino.

“This isn’t my first year it would be my third year doing the dance team,” said Alejandre.

“I’ve been on the team for 2 years and this be my third year trying out,” said Ruiz.

“This will be my first year being on the team,” said Lieske.

“This is my second year on the team,” said Ellsworth.

“I have been on the dance team for 2 years,” said Gottberg.

The girls seem excited for the tryouts coming and they will be wished luck for the time at tryouts. But let’s hope that they will make it through.