Johnson named Kyne award winner


Senior Connor Johnson poses with Junior Soham Gupta at the varsity awards banquet.

Duncan Ordenana, Staff Reporter

Connor Johnson received the Peter B. Kyne award at the annual luncheon on Dec. 1; and Tracy High Football had its awards night on Dec 8.

Connor Johnson won the 88th annual Peter B. Kyne award that is given to a player for their on and off the field accomplishments. The award is given by members of the Tracy Breakfast Lions Club. Johnson also received the Tommy Greenhow award, given to a player that has great success on the field and in the classroom, and he also earned defensive player of the year honor.

“It fills me with a lot pride to share an award with a lot of great football players and great people,” Johnson said. “It put a great cap on a memorable season, and I am grateful to have shared it with my teammates,”

Johnson was a great on and off the field leader. He led the team with 61 tackles and three sacks. Johnson also received first team all league honors.

In all my years of coaching, I think Johnson has been the most deserving winner of the award.

— Matt Shrout

The other award given at the luncheon was the Weeks Award, which is given to the player with the highest GPA. The award was given to junior Soham Gupta who had a 4.57 GPA.

Tracy had six players who received first team all league honors: Clayton Borges, Haiden Hall, C.J. Hawkins, Johnson, Duncan Ordenana, and Nate Turner. Four others received second team all league honors: Joshua Alvarado, Lee Brewer, Trent Griffith and Kristen Reyes.  Two players received honorable mention: Skylar Drymond and Kevin Thompson.

Two of the players who received second team honors were sophomores Alvarado, and Reyes. Alvarado was Tracy’s quarterback, but received all league honors as a running back and was Tracy’s offensive player of the year.

“It was a real honor,” Alvarado said. “I work hard everyday, but I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without my offensive line and coaches,”

The varsity team has a lot to look forward to for the next two years as the sophomore team finished its season with a 9-1 record.

At the varsity banquet, coach Shrout announced that Tracy would be playing two new teams, San Ramon Valley High and Liberty High, during the preseason next year.

Award recipients include:

MVP / Peter B. Kyne Award Winner – Conner Johnson

Weeks Award – Soham Gupta

Tommy Greenhow Award – Conner Johnson

Coaches Award – Duncan Ordenana

Most Inspirational – Zach Aguilar

Jon Rita Most Improved – Justin Thompson / Skyler Drymon

Richie Silva Lineman of the Year – Haiden Hall

VFW Offensive Player of the Year – Josh Alvarado

VFW Defensive Player of the Year – Conner Johnson