Girls swim

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Girls swim

Francisco Hernandez, Reporter

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Swim is a very competitive sport. It has its ups and downs, and the Tracy high swim team is off to a great season this year. Swim is a relay sport, whichever team finishes first or the fastest there are more points. At the end of the meets, they add up the points to decide who wins.

“I think this is it we’re going to do really good, we have new swimmers on the team and a great swimmer there from the water polo team. We condition a lot so we could do very well at our meets” said Jocelyn

Jocelyn Herrera is a junior on the swim team. This is her first year as a swimmer on the team. She decided to try something new this year and step out of her comfort zone.

“Well this season was great, we didn’t do so well but it was a blast, I met great people and formed an unbreakable bond with my team,” said Annika Nyberg

Annika Nyberg is a senior foreign exchange student at Tracy High. She comes from Finland. She decided to do swim at Tracy high this year as a new experience and to form great memories and make friends.

“We’re doing good this season,  3 meets out of six and also senior night happened, it was fun but sad at the same time because we don’t want our seniors to leave we just want to see them succeed,” said Lauren

Lauren McKinley is a junior at Tracy high school she’s been swimming for three years.

Swim season is over now. They went to championships in place fourth place out of six scores.