Science teacher Hutsell releases first album


Stephanie Ascevedo, Staff Reporter

Stephanie Ascevedo

Staff Reporter

Tracy High science teacher Sally Hutsell finally recorded her first album, “The God of All Comfort,” in 2015 and released it this month.

Hutsell began singing at the age of four. As a young child she was inspired by both her parents because her mother sang and played the guitar, and her father enjoyed music.

“As a child, I was inspired by my parents because they were very musical and played music daily around the house,” Hutsell said.

Not only is she a teacher and a singer, but she is also a songwriter. She composed all the songs on her CD.

“I have literally woken up with a song in my head and got up to write it down. Most of them have taken like 20 minutes to write, but there are other times that will take several days,” Hutsell said.

She started playing the guitar in high school, learning on her mother’s guitar, as well as playing the flute through her high school and college years, but hasn’t played the flute in years.

“I played the flute though high school and college, but now I have just stuck to playing the guitar,” Hutsell said.

Hutsell finally decided to get her first album going because in 2014 she had a heart procedure completed, which made her think of anything she might have regretted not doing , and one of them was not producing an album.

“The only regret I had when going through the heart procedure, was not recording my music”

— Sally Hutsell

This album is her first, but Hutsell plans on continuing producing more in the future.

“Once I get my first CD going, then, yes, I do plan on producing more later,” Hutsell said.

Hutsell does not plan in taking her singing career to another level, such as a world tour, she claims that it’s because of her age. She has been teaching at Tracy High since 1985.

“Probably not, I’m a little too old, although no one is too old for things,” Hutsell said. “I really can’t pursue, like going on concerts until the summer because of my school schedule.”

Each and every song on the album has a meaning to her in a different way.

“All my songs are an expression of my relationship with God and my faith. They often come out of places of trouble, such as if I’m going through a rough time, then writing these songs is to remind myself of the faithfulness of God and His work in my life,” Hutsell said.

Science teacher, Dean Reese attended one of Hutsell’s performances, and Reese was speechless after hearing her sing.

“I thought she did a wonderful job. She has been working on her CD for years. What’s great about this project was that it was her life goal and she accomplished it,” Reese said. “I have already purchased her whole album on iTunes.”

Ken Wedel, a science teacher also attended Hutsell’s performance. He was amazed at how much talent she has.

“I never heard her sing before, and I was surprised. She has a beautiful voice. Another thing that impressed me was that she sang with so much emotion,” Wedel said.

Junior Julissa Morales enjoyed her singing as soon as Hutsell began singing for her science class.

“As soon as she began singing it got to me because her singing is beautiful and so peaceful,” Morales said.

Hutsell has released her album already on iTunes this month.

Science teacher Sally Hutsell performs a song
Stephanie Ascevedo
Science teacher Sally Hutsell performs a song