Tracy High students celebrate Valentine’s Day

Jessica Ballardo, Staff Reporter

Tracy High students had many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14.

I think anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day because nothing is wrong with being single and loving yourself”

— Naomi Moore

While Valentine’s Day is often seen as a holiday for only those in relationships, many people choose to spend it with their families or friends. It’s a controversial holiday; while some love it, others joke about how much they dread Feb. 14.

“I think Valentine’s Day is a holiday made by the greeting card company,” senior Emily Ochoa said. “It’s sort of a pointless holiday.”

“I don’t consider Valentine’s Day a real holiday, and it honestly does not hold that much purpose,” senior Naomi Moore said.

“I definitely think it’s overrated,” senior Isabel Ortiz-Gelder said, “but it’s also cute because it’s an excuse to go do something romantic.”

Although Valentine’s Day is a universal holiday, everybody celebrates it a different way.

“I spent the weekend in San Francisco with my boyfriend,” Ortiz-Gelder said. “I didn’t get flowers or any stuff like that, but I got dinner and a trip, so I’m really happy.”

“My boyfriend and I went hiking, and then he took me out to dinner,” Moore said. “He got me a gift card, flowers, and chocolate.”

“I stayed home and spent time with my family,” senior Bailey Whitlock said. “My parents bought me a bunch of little gifts which was really nice.”

“I listened to sad music and ate my feelings,” Ochoa said.

Whether a person is in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is truly just about spending time with those you love and making them feel special. Even if someone is single, Valentine’s Day can be a special and happy day for them.

“Even though I’m not in a relationship, it’s nice to see couples spend time together on Valentine’s Day and make each other happy,” Whitlock said. “You don’t have to be bitter just because you’re single.”

“I think anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day because nothing is wrong with being single and loving yourself,” Moore said.

“If you’re someone that doesn’t feel comfortable showing someone you care about them, it can be an excuse to go out of your comfort zone,” Ortiz-Gelder said. “It’s made out to be a holiday just for couples, but I think you can spend it with your family or friends and be just as happy.”