My life, so far: Christopher Sandoval

Christopher Sandoval

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Christopher Sandoval

Staff Reporter

What is some advice I would give myself? Well, I wouldn’t want to give my past self any

advice because that the mistakes I’ve made up to now, have built and shaped me as a person.

But, if I had to give myself some advice, it would be to never worry about any stressful situation.

I tend to underestimate myself when it comes to difficult tasks and stressing about it

only made it worse. Be yourself, if anyone is going to like you they’re going to like the real you.

Never change for anyone, nobody will ever understand the way you see things, the outside

world is our enemy and they’ll only try to dilute your views. Continue to be a child at heart,

enjoying life full of wonder, and be curios until the day you die.

I wish I would have spent less time on one person, due to the fact that I feel that I

wasted three years focusing on that one person. Instead, I wish I was strong enough to let go

sooner, so that I could focus on myself. I wish I was focused on figuring out who I am and what I

want, instead I choose to look for those answers through another person.

I’m proud of completing my high school career, but in reality I feel like it’s just a mediocre

thing that eventually everyone goes through. If anything I feel it’s extremely exaggerated as an

accomplishment by our society who are obsessed with giving themselves a pat on the back.

Instead of being part of a flock of sheep, I feel I’ve grown as a person more than anything, and

for that I am proud.

After I graduate, I plan on going to Las Positas college for two years in order to get my

associates degree and transfer to Seattle Diver’s Institute so I can become an underwater

welder and commercial diver. When I actually become an underwater welder, I will be sent to

different parts of the world every other week to weld, I will also be acquiring the money to pay

for my dream car (1967 Chevy Impala, four door, hard top, all black). After I get my car I plan on

living alone somewhere in Washington, where I will live out my days working and sleeping.


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