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Boys’ tennis team finishes third in league

Senior Jeane Taruc gets ready to hit the ball back to Kimball's side of the court on Mar. 14.

Senior Jeane Taruc gets ready to hit the ball back to Kimball's side of the court on Mar. 14.

Wayne Thallander

Wayne Thallander

Senior Jeane Taruc gets ready to hit the ball back to Kimball's side of the court on Mar. 14.

Sarah Branstetter, Staff Reporter

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It has been an exciting season for boys’ tennis team, but as the season comes to the end, the team makes reflections.

This season had different significances for each of the players and coach.

I would describe it as challenging yet extremely fun as I played against some difficult players and learned more about my own game”

— Amal Thommil

“I had a great time playing on the tennis team. I was able to learn more about the game while creating team chemistry with the squad,” senior Nikhil Anoop said.

“We had fun, played as a team and the boys all improved their skill level,” Coach O’Brien said.

The team has also made many improvements throughout the season.

“Having only doubles experience, I started off the year losing most sets 0-6,” Thommil said. “But by the end of the year, with the coach’s help, I could hold my own against most of the other singles players.”

“I came in with a limited knowledge of the game,” Anoop said. “But as the season went on, I was able to learn new techniques like the overhead smash.”

“Improvements were clear across the whole team,” O’Brien said. “Some of the players that improved the most weren’t even on the active roster.”

The year was memorable and moments have become treasured memories of tennis.

“I loved playing with my friends and the Richards Kelly Tournament where Jeane Taruc and I had our last doubles match together and won our second consecutive trophy,” Thommil said.

“I think the challenges were very competitive and also the skill based games that coach had us play were also fun,” Anoop said.

The team also shared many humorous moments together and nicknames.

“During a tournament, my doubles partner and I collided and fell on top of each other and still won the point! I also got hit in the back once by my partners serve,” Thommil said.

“I was given the nickname “Jumpman” for my constant use of the overhead smash at the net,” Anoop said.

The team progressed a lot throughout the season and everyone is proud of their contribution, with a league record of 6-4, and a third place win in league.

“I’m really proud of the team for making it as far as we did since we lost many good players last year. The team really stepped up and worked hard,” Thommil said.

“I am proud of the team in that we were able to advance out of league and always maintained a high level of competitiveness throughout our matches,” Anoop said.

“All the players supported each other and gave their best effort,” O’Brien said. “If one player had a tough opponent and lost a match we just looked to someone else to pick them up,”

Tennis has made a great impact on the players’ high school careers.

“Being on the tennis team has really improved my high school experience because when I felt as if my life is just homework, studying, and tests, tennis brought some energy and fun into my schedule,” Thommil said.

“Playing tennis this year has taught me the value of teamwork and also to make use of all four years of high school,” Anoop said. “I encourage students to try sports that they feel are out of their range because you may ended up finding a personal interest.”

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Boys’ tennis team finishes third in league