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Fall Fashion

Julia Cross and Destiny Sandridge show off their fall fashion by posing in their cozy apparel. November 4, 2016.

Julia Cross and Destiny Sandridge show off their fall fashion by posing in their cozy apparel. November 4, 2016.

Diana Reyes-Ruiz

Diana Reyes-Ruiz

Julia Cross and Destiny Sandridge show off their fall fashion by posing in their cozy apparel. November 4, 2016.

Diana Reyes-Ruiz

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The top fashion trends this season are bomber jackets, oversized sweaters, and incorporating bold colors.

Instead of walking across campus with a lumpy backpack, try to wear warm and lightweight fabric, like flannel, so it’d be less of a problem to carry once the weather kicks up to high 80℉. Plus, it would be an effortless task to fold it up and place among your binder!

In addition, ”During this time of year it’s easy when one picks out, for example, a long-sleeve shirt with jeans, but that’s very simple. When you accessorize it makes the outfit unique,” said Lizarrago. Ways to accessorize and personalize your outfit goes from putting on a small black or brown leather bag, choker necklaces, to Ray-Ban sunglasses. Similarly, colors are also a noticeable feature. Shades of brown, burgundy, yellow, and red are worn by students no matter the type of clothes are worn. Like in art, it’s best to put on colors which complement one another. Not to mention, Lakhotia demonstrates this idea by wearing her mustard colored cardigan as a signature look to match up with her hipster chic look.

Don’t forget to try out the latest trends to make your outfit of the day stand out on campus. Bomber jackets, according to Start Up Fashion, are functional, stylish, and timeless for everybody. The wide variety of jackets from leather to denim is also perfect to layer with your choice of clothes! Oversized is also one of top trends of the year similar to Lizarrago’s favorite knitted, white sweater to go with multiple outfit choices.

Does it seem as if ’90s fashion trends are making a comeback? Looks like people are making a lot of buzz around plaid flannels and, as previously mentioned, bomber jackets along with combat boots. Stores such as H&M, ASOS, Forever 21, and your local thrift store provide these must-haves for the season! Not a fan of it? ”…For a more modern clothing I go to Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, H&M, etc.,” senior, Araceli Benitez stated. Besides getting her inspiration from fashion designers like Saint Laurent, she also gets her ideas from what other people wear and also hipsters because their style is just so unique and different.

Adding to an outfit, a good pair of shoes can make a big difference. Boots tie up the fall look and even by that category of shoes you can pick a type which fits your style. The Chelsea, rocker, and lace up boots are all the rage. Absolutely perfect for combining with dresses, skirts, and jeans! For a more casual look on campus, most use either a comfortable pair of Converse, Adidas high tops, and Vans. Take one of senior Brady Applonie’s fall outfits as an example, relaxed ”flannel, jeans, and slip on shoes”.  Of course you can try senior Jonathan Davis’ suggestion on layering for cooler weather with a white “t-shirt [and] a flannel over [a] thin sweater” with either dark blue jeans or light kaki jeans with converse shoes.

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