Who Stole The Crowns?

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Who Stole The Crowns?

Chase Burns, Staff Reporter

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Stu jossey
Freshmen and sophomores smile after a great performance from both classes

Stu Jossey
As the night rally starts and the back gates open the seniors walk out around the track into the stands as a yearly tradition here at Tracy High School

Stu Jossey
Junior Logan Fife and senior Analiah Corriea welcome Brutus into the 50s

Stu Jossey
After a long night of hard work and effort the leadership class smiles for one last photo before the night is over

The 50s, 70s, 80s, and 90s seem to be popular theme for parties but Tracy High school takes it above and beyond and transforms their football field into a time traveling world that takes the students back to the past.

As the stands begin to fill up full with students ready to compete against each other for the overall night rally winner, everyone starts to wonder, what is the night rally going to look like this year?

“I feel a lot of people underestimate how much work goes into creating the night rally, ” said Morgan Ledda, an ASB officer.

The Night rally takes a lot of time and effort not only from our ASB officers but also our staff here at Tracy High School.  Alayna Carter, THS leadership teacher, brought the decades theme up for homecoming sometime last year according to Alyssa Barba.

“The Leadership class thought it may be a good idea so started to work on all things decades theme starting this school year in September,” said Barba

When walking into the football stadium all you can do is travel into time, every class has their own section that was decorated by their class officers as well as the leadership class.

Once the students have made it to their designated class section, the seniors make a huge entrance coming from the back gates walking down the track directly to the stands. The lower classmen watching the seniors walk the track is a yearly tradition that THS started many years ago.

Tracy High’s rally tradition is to crown the King and Queen at the end of the night, but this year they tried to switch things up a little and announce them at the beginning.

As the king and queen are just about to be announced a crown robber ran across the field and stole the crowns! Just as the crowd was getting anxious, THS students would now have to wait as Brutus travels through the decades to catch the theft.

First, we have the freshmen class or the 50s decade. The freshmen skit was one to remember. It started off as a scene from Grease and continued to surprise the audience. In years past, the freshmen class is normally the one to not do so well due to no homecoming experience, but this year they have completely changed the game and gave an amazing performance.

Next Brutus travels to the 90s where the sophomore class was found. This years sophomores skit was full of excitement and new things. Unfortunately for our poor Brutus, the crowns are still no where to be found.

Going back to time traveling to find the crown, Brutus then is in the 70s where the class of 2020 juniors were found. The class of 202o has always had the same kind of skit, but this year they incorporated props and flags that brought the whole skit together.

Lastly Brutus finds the crowns in the 80s where the seniors or class of 2019 was brought to the field. The senior skit for the class of 2019 showed a different creative aspect from them.

Now that Brutus has found the crowns, it was time to crown the winners. As the stands started to pound with foot stomps, the crowd can not wait for the results to be announced. The crowns are hidden in a Rubik’s Cube box that the homecoming court needs to open, but who will have something inside? Tracy High’s 2018 homecoming king is Tristan Yearby and homecoming queen is Darcy Paris.

As the crowd went crazy, the amazing homecoming king and queen placed their crowns on their heads. The students can not wait for the class spirit results to be announced in the coming days.



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