Boys Cheer Team

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Tracy high looks forward every year to there homecoming and one of the biggest parts of the homecoming week is the powderpuff game. The powderpuff game is when the girls play against each other on the football field and the boys cheer.

Many people find the boys cheer team as a fun and funny thing. Taryn Sanchez, a Senior and a cheerleader for all for years, is the coach of the boys cheer team. They have had 4 practices and the team has already learned a lot of different stunts and cheers.

“This years team is having a hard time learning the stunts but they have all the dance routines down,” Said Sanchez.

She believes that the cheer team should look good on the field and have a good time.

Tyler Gaudreau is a former cheerleader from last years powderpuff game.

“Last year it was a lot of fun cheering in the outfits but it was mostly just funny,” said Gaudreau.

Gaudreau also added that the practices last year were fun and he actually learned a lot of different routines. Rick Thompson a cheerleader this year said, “I am surprised at how good we are at doing this year.”

Thompson agreed that the cheer team is mostly just for entertainment and that it is very funny.

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