Getting Ready for Homecoming

Joey Corso, Staff Reporter

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Getting ready for homecoming is one of the the most stressful things someone could possibly do. In my opinion, i think that the flower parties is the biggest struggle for everyone. Its a struggle because the amount of work each person has to do. There are four flower parties that students can attend within two weeks.

If you attend all four flower parties , you will be able to get out of school on homecoming day to help work on the float.

Everyone that goes to the flower party has their each individual job they have to do and complete that is assigned to them. People go to the flower parties  to get work done . They also talk to everyone helping, listen to music, and everyone becomes friends at the end of the day.

The skit is one of the main things that people like to work on because your able to preform in front of students, teachers and also parents during the night rally. If your class is able to win during the night rally, your going to be able to preform during halftime of the football game.

Everyone wants to perform at halftime because it is one of the main events during the football game.The flower parties are by far one of the most important things that you could do to prepare for homecoming.

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