Decorating for the Holiday Season

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Decorating for the Holiday Season

Dennisen Renderos, Staff eporter

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DThere are many reasons why people decorate for the holidays. Some do it because they celebrate Christmas, others do it because it makes their house look festive for the season, and sometimes it could be both.

We all have our reasons to decorate our houses, be it to make your house look festive whether you like to celebrate Christmas or the holidays. People like to decorate their houses to make the house look marvelous and fit in the season.

For many, travels to see family for the holidays is a season to be with family and enjoy the time spent. People walk around their neighborhoods to admire the decorations their neighbors have done, albeit nobody likes the electric bill they have to pay later in the year.

People can spend a lot of money on decorations, some don’t spend much because they reuse decorations from previous years Most people buy a trees to decorate be it real or a fake one.

Tracy resident Adrianna Renderos was asked about her holiday decorations.

“We typically spend $500 or more on decorations,” said Renderos about the cost of decorating her house.

“Because I enjoy Christmas because it brings me peace and happiness from the beginning to the end of the season, I always enjoyed this time of year even when I was a little girl because I enjoy it to its fullest. Every year I wait in anticipation for Christmas. Its just gratifying to watch our beautiful Christmas tree,” said Renderos about her reason for decorating.

“All the childhood memories I had of Christmas is what inspires me,” said Renderos when asked about her inspirations.

“Sometimes it takes us a week or sometimes it takes a month,” answered Renderos when asked about how long it takes to set up the house.

“Some we give away some, we recycle and we throw out the broken ones and the really special ones are kept for every year because those are heirlooms to our family,” said Renderos.

“The star for our Christmas tree is by far my favorite, it’s a crystal and it shines with the Christmas lights and the oldest would be the snowman plushie with a green hat that accompanies the tree.”

“Yes, very much so I like sharing it on Facebook for the rest of the world to see our beautiful Christmas tree every year and to see others do the same,”said Renderos on how she likes to share her decorations.

As you can see many may share the same sentiments about this time of year. Some people decorate because this time of year is close to them, some do it because they take enjoyment, and others just love the holidays season.

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