A Nautical Nonsense Academic Rally

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A Nautical Nonsense Academic Rally

Alexandra Cruz and Stella Myers

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Tracy High just hosted their annual Academic Rally on Thursday, Feb. 19 in the Main Gym. The Academic Rally is a rally the Leadership class puts on to celebrate all students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Parts of the gym are sectioned off with different GPA’s and the students sit according to where they’re GPA range is.

For certain seniors, it’s a little different. The top ten seniors with the highest GPA are placed in the middle of the gym and are featured in the rally. This year the top ten seniors were: Pooja Adapa, Kundhan Dasari, Isabella Ellis, Kaylee Harvey, Bailey Henderson, Mariah Hu, Vivian Nguyen, Michael Cui, Nathan Tran, and Alexis Webb. These students have GPA’s higher than 4.0.

“It felt good to be in the top ten because it took a lot of hard work and I feel accomplished to be up there,” said Isabella Ellis.

“It feels good being in the top 10 because it shows how hard I worked these last four years,” said Kundhan Dasari, who is also part of the Leadership class.

Students shared lots of laughs during the rally.

“My favorite part of the rally was getting to MC because it was the first time that someone in the top 10 got to actually MC the rally,” said Dasari.

The academic rally is just as exciting for the leadership students as it is for everyone else.

“We expected a lot of people to be there and for it to be a really fun rally,” Marwah Kawish said.

Kawish is a leadership student who was really excited to contribute to this rally.

“I know everyone in leadership worked hard with decorations and with putting the whole thing together. I think the Spongebob theme was fun and different,” Kawish said.

The Spongebob theme was something fun and different leadership put together. The first game was a jellyfish game where students raced to get the “jellyfish” into the net.

Tracy High couldn’t have a rally without musical chairs and a fun game of karaoke. Overall, with the fun games and the celebration of good grades, the academic rally was a success.