What Drives People to the Blood Drive


Dennisen Renderos , Staff Reporter

Razam Salim a Tracy High junior, recently donated blood at the blood drive held on campus on March 29. The blood drive was held in the boys sub-gym with many students donating their blood for a good cause. Salim donated her blood because “I love the thought of my blood helping people. That I could make a difference in the world, help people live their life with their loved ones”

Many students could share the same sentiment about donating blood many hoping that very blood could, in fact, save someone’s life. Salim felt that donating her blood could save someone’s life and “Help them get their life back.”

“I was excited about donating blood. I was a little nervous as well but more excited than nervous,”

Salim said she has never donated anything like blood before and she plans to donate and do it again in the future. Salim hopes that her contribution will make a difference in a person’s life.

“I hope my contribution will bring life. I hope the person that will take my blood will use it well, use their second chance at life very well. Spend their time with their loved ones,” Salim said.

She might have felt a little bit dizzy after donating her blood. After a quick rest, she took a trip to the snack bar where they had water and even cookies. She would like to implore others to donate their blood.

“But you should always try to donate. Imagine being the person that needed blood but the hospital didn’t have any of your blood type it would be horrible” said Salim.

She believes in the good of what donating blood can do. She felt afraid of the pain of donating blood but realized it was it didn’t really hurt.

“It was very important for me. I grew up with the thought of always helping people, no matter where, no matter what, no matter how. I always want to help people. High schoolers should learn to help people more.” Salim said regarding high schoolers giving blood.

“I am very proud of what I’m doing and I would recommend it to others to try it,” Salim said.

The blood drive is not only an opportunity to do good but an opportunity for a person’s donation to be used to save another person’s life and give them another chance at life.