What Avid is Up to

What Avid is Up to

Maia Sanchez

Avid tries to focus on helping students get ready for what’s coming for them in the future. Recently, they have started to learn about financial planning and what it means to save money for college.

During the Socratic Seminar in Avid, students attempted to answer the question “How do we financially plan for our future?” By learning about investments and the different ways at a young age, students can plan the debts one will have after college. There are six ideal ways to invest for beginners. According to the article titled “6 Ideal Investments for Beginners”, Arielle O’a 401(k) or other employer retirement plan doesn’t have an investment minimum, meaning one can “start with as little as 1%” (Arielle O’Shea). The money that you receive from your paycheck goes directly to the account.

Another helpful way to invest would be a robo-advisor. Computer logarithm provides services that manage your investments.

Julie Gonzalez, a Senior and part of the Avid program, made an important argument about the use of these ways to invest stating that “these ways are indeed a big help, but how can one learn how the process works when ways like robo-advisors and apps do it all for us?” The discussion continued by other students answering that question, claiming that it’s mostly for beginners that have no knowledge of investments.

As they talked about saving money for college, Liana Casey led the discussion with a question: “Why is learning how to save money for the future, important?”

Referencing to the article titled “The Biggest Mistake Parents Make When Paying for College…Planning Expert,” Gonzales states that “it’s good to know how to invest and budget your savings because you don’t want want to have loans that later build up and keep you in debt for a long time in the future.”

Another argument discusses was Community College versus a Four Year. As many applied for a university, some also applied for community college first, later to be transferred to a four year. Going to JC does not mean one is less intelligent than others, nor that one is less likely to get into a four year.

Since graduation is right in the corner, the Socratic Seminar held in Avid was significant, for students need to learn about how to be able to financially plan their future.