Time to Test!


Photo Courtesy of Isabella Capri

Isabella Capri, Reporter

The official testing time is here!

May is the month in which many students at Tracy High School take one or more AP/IB tests to further their accomplishments.

For those that do not know, AP stands for Advanced Placement and IB stands for International Baccalaureate. No matter the test, each and every student works incredibly hard to take and pass any test that they sign up for.

Camilla Wiench is a current senior at Tracy High School and she has a drive of challenging herself academically. Wiench is planning on taking the IB English 2 exam this May.

The interesting side of AP/IB testing is finding out how the students that are taking these tests feel about the process and more specifically, the time period that the tests take place.

“A little bit because I’m a bit more tired and I’m pretty much done with most of my classes,” said Wiench in reference to if she finds it difficult taking the tests so close to the end of the school year.

Though the test-taking happens so close to the end of the school year, the benefits of taking the exams definitely have a major impact on the future of many students.

Wiench’s thoughts about the benefits of taking these tests are ones that many can agree with.

“College credit and testing your knowledge,” said Wiench.

The passing of any AP/IB exam can help a future college student ease their way out of taking classes because of their hard work in high school.

Sara Barth is also a current senior at Tracy High School and she also plans on testing this May.

Similarly, Barth’s comment about the importance and benefits of the tests is one that many students can agree upon.

“Benefits of taking the tests include the possible college credits for a good score,” said Barth.

A major element to AP/IB testing is preparation and having the ability to truly apply one’s awareness on certain subjects.

Barth’s thoughts about the time period of the testing are key to note.

“Taking the test late in the year is difficult as it’s a lot in a small amount of time especially for people taking multiple tests, but it does give us the most amount of time to study and prepare for the tests which is important,” said Barth.

A positive to the testing time being late in the school year is that it allows students to use a wide range of information because of all the previous months of school.

Good luck to everyone that plans on testing this May! Remember to relax and enjoy the rest of the school year.