Female Athlete of the Month


Nicholas Rego, Reporter

Karina Fassisila this months girl’s athlete of the month. Fassisila has been playing on the varsity softball  team for all 4 years she’s been in Tracy High. Fassisila’s stats for the 2018-2019 season are, her ERA is 0.69,  she has 13 wins while pitching a total of 111.2 innings, she has 157 total strikeouts the opponent batting average is .151 and  Fassisila’s fielding percentage is .958.

Fassisila this year has 3 players of the games on March 28, Apr 16 and Apr 25. Fassisila was asked how does she get all of her success and she said, “that I have her teammates behind me so I know they have my back.”

The season just ended but Fassisila look’s to continue her success in the playoffs.