Listen Up Juniors!


Camilla Wiench, Staff Reporter

As my senior year comes to a close, I and many others feel as if we have some knowledge to pass down. There are many misconceptions about your last year of high school, one is that it is really easy. In many ways it is, but it requires a mastery of two things: time management and smarter money decisions.

Time management is translated in many different ways. In October, college applications open up and are due at the end of the month. The earlier you submit it, the sooner you hear back from the school. If you need recommendation letters for applications or scholarships, you need to ask early because the teachers and counselors get super busy.

Isabella Capri, a senior at Tracy High School with plans to attend Chapman University advises “Make sure to keep track of school work, especially with college applications. Time management is extremely important senior year because you can easily forget about all that is important.”

Senior year happens to end up typically being the most expensive year in high school. You may find yourself faced with paying for prom, application fees, IB/AP exams and registration, early college deposits, senior trip and other events. Each of these cost a significant amount of money and it’s better to start saving up!

I can’t stress this enough, but apply for scholarships. College is expensive and chances are if you apply to a few you just may get free money. Mrs. Arce in the Career center is constantly adding new scholarships and most are very easy to apply to.

For the student athletes out there, you have another layer to look out for. Devan Rose, a senior at Tracy High School and a volleyball signee for California State University Stanislaus says, “I would recommend for incoming senior athletes to do their best to manage and balance sports and academics. Also, if any athletes want to play in college they should reach out and send them videos to get noticed.”

For those applying to elite schools, do your research and make yourself stand out. YouTube contains many resources of college admissions advisors explaining the do’s and don’t’s. A high grade point average and test scores only makes you meet the benchmark to be considered. How you present yourself and share your story will be the true difference of you getting in.

When asked what they would do differently if they were to restart senior year, Rose said, “I wished I focussed more on my mental health,”

Capri says, “I wish I would have been aware of how many deadlines there are for seniors.”

As you enter your last year, make sure to enjoy it. Soon it will feel like your work is finally paying off. Maintain your grades and make lots of lasting memories!