Tracy High’s Swim Season Comes to an End


Dinero Burges, Staff Reporter

As spring sports approach, it means that it’s time for swimming. Here at Tracy High, we have an elite group of great swimmers.

The season has been going great for the swimmers on the team. The key to being on an awesome team is to push yourself to be better, and having a great group of teammates so that everyone can bond and form a strong connection. The team bonds by being friends in and outside of school.

 ‘’Everyone on the team is somewhat close,’’ said Lauren Mckelvey, a swimmer on the swim team.

The team competes in meets, where two schools get together and race for their school and the first person to finish the race gets points for their team. 

McKelvey has swam in many events for her school, she has swam in around 10 meets this swim season. The coach has been excellent towards the players. ‘’Coach Julie, she motivates us all to do better,’’ said McKelvey.

Next year she has improvements to make, her main goal is to be faster to make her times better.

Everyone likes different things, but swimming excites McKelvey by her gaining new friends and being social.

“I get to meet people I would normally meet and swim is a lot of fun to do. Doing extracurricular activities helps you gain friends and become way more social,’’ Said Mckelvey.