Most Relaxing Day of the Year


Joey Corso, Senior Beach day

Beach day is the most relaxing day of the year for most people. It’s the day where you can relax,hang out and listen to music during the whole day of school. It’s the day when your not worrying about school or homework, you are there to have as much fun as possible.

 All the seniors get out of class and get to have the best 2nd day of their senior year. Beach day is on May 15th and it’s the day every senior looks forward to other than graduation. You get to have all the fun you want. You get eat a lot of food from a lot of different restaurants catering the event.

 The restaurants that will be there is Buffalo Wild Wings, Menchies, and Mountain Mikes. You get a combination of whatever you like to eat and the ice cream to top it off for dessert. Garrison Cable said when asked if he is excited to go to beach day responded, “I mean you get out of class, so that’s always good.”

You only have one beach to attend all of senior year so you got to make it count and attend it so you can have the last fun day of your high school life before you move on and do stuff on your on.

That is why all seniors arelooking forward to attending cause I’ll be out with my friends,hanging out, playing some catch with either baseballs or play a football game. Me personally it’s the only I’ll have fun and be able to not worry about anything rather then having fun and being around the people I like to be around.

Beach day is better the gradation in my opinion  cause you don’t have to sit out in the hot sun and just sit there and sweat in your nice clothes. Other people might have different opinions about that. Beach day will be a day to remember for a lot of people that will attend that event.