Boys Volleyball


Trevor Meyers, reporter

The Tracy High boys volleyball team has been working on getting their team going for a while. Their first practice was in early February and ever since they’ve been practicing three times a week.

 They had sign ups earlier on this year, not knowing if they would have enough players or not. The team is a mix of players that take the games very seriously and players that are just there to have fun and mess around.

 Noah Fithian, a senior at Tracy high, has been around volleyball his whole life coaching and playing competitively in the Bay Area.

  Fithian said, “The team is finally beginning to show out for Tracy high.”

 Their record as of right now is 12-7 and they are looking to win more games when they all go to a couple of tournaments over the summer time. These tournaments won’t have anything to do with the school they will be on their own competitive team because they are trying to not lose their team that they have going right now.

 The practices are taken very seriously and they always do some extra conditioning at the end of the practices, but once a week they always have a practice that is more chill and relaxed.

 Anthony Santiago is also on the boy’s volleyball team and he says, “I believe the team has progressed a lot from the beginning of the year and we are finally becoming a strong team.”

 Both players agreed that there is strong team chemistry starting to form compared to earlier in the year.

 The volleyball coach believes that Tracy High can have a great boys volleyball program during the up n coming years.