PAM Awards Night!


Jahdai Spikes, Editor

On Wednesday Night, May 15, 2019, Tracy High School had its annual PAM awards Night! At the event, committed PAM students are not only given awards, certificates, and cords for their great accomplishments, but students from each of the PAM pathways (Choir, Orchestra, Drama, Band, and Jazz Band) are showcased at the event in front of all PAM students and all family members who come to support.

There are a plethora of different awards and accomplishments for PAM students to earn, the first of these is the First Year PAM Membership Award, next the Second Year PAM Membership Award, then is the Third Year PAM Membership Award, and then the Fourth Year award.

These are earned simply by being a committed member of PAM for an allotted amount of years, the fourth year has to be four consecutive years which takes even more dedication. Above these awards is the Certificate, the Certificate is earned by doing a very strenuous research project on colleges and what it takes to get into these colleges. To get the PAM diploma students have to have passed 5 PAM classes with at least a 3.0, get their certificate, and perform a Senior Recital.

PAM student Juliet Irwin did her senior recital and performed at the PAM awards, she is more than dedicated to PAM and loves the performing arts. ā€œIā€™m so relieved, it was a lot of hard work but I feel accomplished.ā€, said Irwin.

All of these accomplishments show how dedicated these students are and how well the Tracy High PAM department is thriving and producing bright performing arts students ready to go out into the real world and take on college.

PAM diploma recipient Juliet Irwin performing at the PAM Awards.