Bulldogs in Business

Young entrepreneurs successfully juggle online school and new business ventures.

Brianna Herren, Contributor

Seniors Kaela Jones and Ciara Lucas recently started their own jewelry businesses amidst the school shut down due to COVID. Jewelry, charms, and accessories are only a few of the one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted items the successful businesswomen have listed for sale.

Kaela Jones created CharmedbyKaela this summer to raise money for her school senior project, but later converted it into a business. Jones said, “I love jewelry so I thought making some of my own would be fun and unique.”

Similarly, Ciara Lucas decided to start crafting intricate friendship bracelets and other accessories in her free time during quarantine for her business, Ciarasjewelryy.  Lucas said that,”[She] decided to learn how to make the beaded jewelry and friendship bracelets when it turned into a hobby. I eventually got compliments on my jewelry…and that gave me the idea to start my own business.”

When asked what redeeming qualities these seniors posses that allow them to successfully run their businesses, one common quality was shared: time-management. Lucas and Jones both claimed that strategically coordinating their schedules with sufficient time for different activities is the key to effectively managing their businesses.

Ciara Lucas also added that she is “…responsible with profit spending.”

Lucas said, “It doesn’t seem like there is enough hours in the day for my busy schedule consisting of work, school, sports and family time. Through creating my business I learned a lot about myself and what I could achieve.” Lucas hopes that fellow students strive to try activities out of their comfort zones just like she did with her business.

Many students initiating businesses may feel reluctant to try, but Jones offers insightful advice to students with any concerns. “I would say just do it! It can seem very scary but it never hurts to try. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because there are so many people that are totally willing to help you if you need it,” she said.

Show support to local businesses and maybe consider starting your own. You could be the next “Bulldog in Business.”