Tracy High Starting Conditioning and Practice


Matthew Canada

Tracy High Sports has started conditioning for all fall sports with the approval from the California Interscholastic Federation, creating new schedules for  fall sports to start in December.

Winter sports will begin during February or early March and Spring sports will start in the beginning of the summer. The playoff schedule will be shorter and schools that make playoffs will be put in smaller brackets.

Conditioning and practices will have protocols and guidelines to follow so it can keep athletes safe during Covid- 19. Marcus Guillen, the coach for the Tracy High Freshman Football team mentions, “There’s no contact drills allowed as it’s mainly individual drills and minor team still without lineman.”

Most schools have to follow the social distance rule and coaches are required to wear a mask at all times. Guillen said, “Keeping social distanced at all times and no more than groups of 12 in everything we do and only one coach can manage a group.” Also it’s a rule to have groups limited to 12 participants in a drill and the participants are not allowed to switch groups either.

Many schools are facing challenges where multiple sports could happen during the same time and it will cause problems for the multi- sport athletes.

Coaches are also dealing with many challenges as they have to make sure that all of the players will follow protocol. “The challenges is making sure we’re distanced at all times as the kids and even us are not use too,” Guillen said.

It was a tough decision for the California Interscholastic Federation to start sports back up, but they feel it’s right for athletes to come back and for the Senior’s to come back since it’s their last year of high school.

December 7th is the start date for practices to begin in cross country and football. 7 days later on December 14th boys and girls water polo starts practice as well as girls volleyball. In the end of December regular season games begin for cross country, girls volleyball, and girls and boys water polo. Football season games doesn’t start until early January in 2021.

All fall sports can start conditioning, but they have to wait until December to start practicing and guidelines must be followed at all times where every student needs to be 6 feet apart and avoid any contact.

With the school year being pushed back to start next year in 2021 all sports have approval to still play and practice even though students aren’t back on campus.