Maker Space Club Legacy


Stormtrooper helmet that Wasurick made

Diego Granados, Contributor

Maker Space is a club where anyone can combine imagination with science and be as creative as they want with no limits.

Maker Space club uses a 3D Printer to make miniature models and figurines. 3D Printing allows for a person to use their creativity to make models of anything, ranging from Pikachu to life-sized stormtrooper helmets. The possibilities are endless.

Ryan Wasurick, a physics teacher and the advisor of the Maker Space Club, hoped for it to reopen this year, although it is now clear that the club cannot function through distance learning.

He confirmed that the club is not going to reopen as long as the school is closed, saying that “the nature of Maker Space club makes it nearly impossible to accomplish through distance learning.”

Wasurick hopes to reopen the club after school comes back.

“Maker Space Club was one of my favorite things to do on campus. The loss of the club this year is sad, but I am not disheartened. I am exceedingly confident that Maker Space Club will return bigger and better than ever once the community is in a safer condition regarding the pandemic,” Wasurick said.

He explained that the club offered many opportunities to curious students who like physics and was very beneficial to those who love “…putting things together,” along with engineering and technology. Former Maker Space club members have emailed him since about how much they enjoyed learning about 3D technology.

Wasurick hopes for the best, and that his beloved club will reopen next semester.

Ryan Wasurick, the Advisor for the Maker Space Club!
3D Printout of Mewto from Pokémon, made by a sophomore student