Inventive From A Far


Madison Gant, Contributor

Even though Covid-19 has put Tracy High Schools activities and sports on hold, that hasn’t stopped the yearbook class from pushing through. Thanks to the yearbook teacher Stacy Browne and the two yearbook editors Briana Herren and Lily Backster, the yearbook’s plan has recently finalized and the class is in full swing hoping to return to campus by the new year.

The yearbook class as a whole has had to think outside of the box a little on what they could cover and what they need to supplement due to Covid-19. Luckily, student and faculty pictures, which are a big part of the yearbook, are scheduled to be taken on November 16th thru November 20th, and will not be missing in this year’s yearbook. Regardless if we go back to school, the yearbook editors and staff will continue to work hard to make sure a yearbook is able to be produced at the end of the year for everyone to enjoy. Every year the yearbook class takes time to think of different themes and ways to make every yearbook different than the past years.

Senior Yearbook Editors, Brianna Herren and Lilly Backster, state their ways in making the yearbook this year unique.

We try to think of ways to involve the rest of the yearbooks staff’s opinion in decisions in order to get a variety of ideas.” Said Herren and Backster. “I think to make it unique we’ve thought of all the things that have been going on throughout Covid and how we want to include these new experiences. because these are definitely something we’re gonna be looking back on and show our kids how crazy it was.” 

Recently the yearbook class as a whole is starting to wrap up their page planning for the first deadline and are progressing considering the circumstances with us not actually being in person.

Herren and Backster, gave their opinions on how the class is functioning while social distancing.

“I think although we haven’t gotten the chance to be in class, it’s going very well. and everyone is coming up with great ideas of how to make our yearbook the best it can be” said Backster. 

I think the class is going really well. Everyone is very hardworking and the class is very fun. With collaboration and discussions we are making up for not being physically in class,” said Herren.

The yearbook class hopes to be back on campus soon so that they are able to get more coverage but being hybrid wont stop them from making this yearbook better than the last!