New Year, New Schedule


Brianna Herren, Contributor

The start of the second semester at Tracy High brought forth a new schedule many students had trouble adjusting to. Students will now be on their computers from 7:55-12:50 and meeting with all six classes every day. Luckily, there is some reprieve with Early Release Wednesday, where students attend school from 8:20-11:40 to meet with all six classes.

Many students felt overwhelmed by the schedule change and were left with mixed emotions on the situation. Senior Samantha Dorn said, “I like that we have more time with each teacher [and] it is nice to be able to fit a whole lesson. [But] It is hard to sit in front of a computer for that long.”

Senior Anabelle Hermosura said, “In all honesty I did lose a lot of motivation to study. I am so used to study groups with friends, but with COVID it is difficult for me because I do not like to study at home, I’d rather study at the park or at a coffee shop.”

Students believe there are a few things the administration can do to relieve the stress and pressure of online school.

Freshman Lauren Hoock said, “I think we should get a longer break in between because 10 minutes normally isn’t enough time to get a snack or run to the bathroom, because most of the time my teachers expect me to [be] a few minutes early as well as run over time.” Hoock dislikes that teachers have been piling work to fit in the schedule and says it is stressful at times.

Similarly Hermosura said, “I don’t like the passing times because I don’t have enough time to get snacks or use the bathroom. I feel a little rushed with the ten minutes.”

On the other hand there were some aspects of the new schedule that students enjoyed.

Senior Ashley Mahaedo said, ” I feel like this schedule helps me to balance stuff because I now find myself prioritizing what needs to be done by the end of the day and what can wait to be completed.”

Maheado adds that she likes being online. “Even with this new schedule, I still feel like I have some control over my time and also I’m getting my work done during class time. If we were in school I feel like I would have used that class time to talk or go on my phone instead.”

In comparison, sophomore Bryant Martinez said, “I dislike the amount of time I have to continue staring at a screen. I feel less motivated to do stuff and feel permanently tired.”

The new schedule started the year with a whirlwind of opinions, but students are hopeful they will be able to go back to school in-person once the conditions are safe.