Student Spotlight: Who Is Kylie Archer?


Marvin Melendez

Graduation is around the corner which means seniors are receiving their acceptance letters, visiting campuses, and planning their future. Many students typically attend a 2-year community college and later than transfer to a 4-year college in hopes to save money. Some students will attend a 4-year college right away and usually move to another state.

However, this isn’t the case for Kylie Archer, who is a senior at Tracy High. Archer plans on taking a gap year so she can spend the entire year working and saving her money. After Archer’s gap year comes to an end she hopes to move to London and attend college abroad. “I plan on applying to several colleges, there’s the University of East London, University College Birmingham, Aberyswyth University, along with others. I’m applying to several colleges in the UK.” said Archer. You can gain a lot when studying abroad such as improving your language skills, experiencing a different style of teaching and learning which you might not be familiar with, and getting to see the world and explore new places!

“I want to study abroad because I would like to experience life and see the world in any way I can. I’ve always wanted to travel and planned on it since I was young and wanted to experience different cultures.” Archer said. “I’m aware this is going to be a huge challenge but I’m ready for a drastic change in my life and I will be happy there,” Kylie said.