Athlete Spotlight-Cameron Pereira


Cameron Pereira in action at one of the biggest football games of the school year.

Krish Kumar, Sports Editor

Cameron Pereira, a senior at Tracy High School, plays on the varsity football team and the varsity baseball team. He has been playing these two sports for the past four years. For him, the pandemic has changed this whole year. Pereira gives insight to how he has been handling online school, his dreams of playing college football, and what he thinks about the future of sports.

How have you been practicing lately for football and baseball?

 Well currently with the Coronavirus, everything has been pretty shut down. We are not really allowed to practice with the team. I have been doing a lot of stuff by myself and with a couple of friends. We go to the gym or throw the football around. I have been going to baseball classes lately. I have been going to the batting cages, it’s like a hitting class.   

What advice do you have for those that have not been able to practice their sports during the pandemic?

 All I can tell them right now is really getting ahead during this time. After having this year not being able to play, they should be very fortunate to be able to play and capitalize on the chance of wanting to be there. If they do not want to be there or do not like the sport, they do not have to be there. I think it is a special opportunity to play and just live in the moment.

How do you balance school and sports? Especially since you’re in the Ag/Sci program.

Online school has not been that bad. I get my work done easily. But during school it would be harder because you have practice until six in the evening and then play games also. But you just gotta stay on top of your stuff. It’s gonna be hard. But many kids do it each year. If you stay on top of it, keep your head straight, you will be alright. On mental health, it has been hard to see how online school seems as if it will never end and sports keep getting delayed. It feels as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Always being stuck inside sucks too. But you just gotta stick with friends and know that there are opportunities outside of high school.

What are your goals for the upcoming season for football and baseball?

My goals for this season is get some games in, do my best, get in contact with some colleges, and have some fun. I heard that football and baseball will be in the same season which does not make sense to me since many kids play both of those sports. If I have to choose, I am going to be more inclined towards football because I wanna have that last season. 

Who are your idols for baseball and football?

I don’t really have any baseball idols. A lot of them are from basketball and football. Kobe and his hard work ethic. Tom Brady because he was like the last draft pick and now he is probably the best to ever play. In my family, it’s my brother, Christian, because he was never the biggest kid, but he made it all the way being the one of best defenders on the football team his senior year.

Do you think the sports scene changed forever with the pandemic?

Honestly I have no idea. I don’t know what is going to happen with the coronavirus these next couple of years. It’s not just gonna go away on a flip of a switch. There will probably problems later on with fans in stadiums and with masks. I feel like in two years there will probably be a difference. I am worried for next year because things might get pushed back then too, if something happens.

Any plans on playing sports in  college?

My dream is to play college football. I am talking to some junior colleges. I hope to go to a D1 or D2 school. It’s been hard with the recruitment process especially since no one is playing in California. I still want that closure of getting to play football. 

Any advice to new underclassmen who are aspiring athletes?

Some advice I have is to just have as much fun. Take care of your body too or you’re going to shut down, especially in football because you take big hits. So just take care of the body, get good grades, and keep your mind straight. Live in the moment. High school goes by so fast. I remember freshman year it felt like forever to get to senior year.  But look, we are already here and we’re not playing. Just have fun.